Why Samuel Strauch Is A Real Estate Guru

One could say that real estate agent/investor Samuel Strauch was predestined to be a businessman. His decision to go into real estate was almost inevitable, seeing as his family owns a real estate business in South Florida. Early on he did try to fight the hands of destiny however. Despite his family being well known in the real estate industry he didn’t always pursue a career in real estate. Samuel Strauch actually began his career in banking.

Once he felt as though he had a good amount of experience working for the family real estate business he started his own company in 2002. Since it was established his company has continued to grow and expand. What makes it so successful is its ability to integrate a platform of complementary enterprises South Florida and Latin America.

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Sometimes it’s about when and where and Samuel Strauch founded his real estate company Metrik Real Estate at the right time and place. Miami, the company’s birthplace, was going through a real estate renaissance so to speak. It was in the midst of transitioning from a vacation destination to a metropolis in the tropics. With all of this in mind, Strauch knew finding international clients and investors wouldn’t be too difficult.

Samuel Strauch is constantly looking ahead to the future and that’s how he wants his business to operate. This forward thinking mentality has lead to the company becoming one of the leaders in the industry today. It’s committed to keeping an open mind and is willing to put time and resources in any idea that has potential. The right execution of even a mediocre idea can lead to success.

Samuel Strauch attended Hofstra University and graduated with an undergraduate degree in business. He attended Erasmus University and Harvard University as well.

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