Richard Mishaan

*Richard Mishaan: a real professional in the world of interior design:


Richard Mishaan is a well known designer with his own studio located on 145 Hudson Street, New York, NY. Mishaan received a BA Degree from New York University. After graduating from NYU Richard Mishaan attended Columbia University School of Architecture.


Misshaan’s first job was with Phillip Johnson which seemed to give Mishaan a greater knowledge of both fashion and architecture. Fashion and architecture are two things that Richard Mishaan has taken a great interest.


Richard Mishaan decided to open his own design company over 25 years ago. Today, Richard Mishaan is considered a world leader in Interior Design. The interiors that Mishaan and his company creates can be best described with two words “timeless and “artistic“.


Mishaan has done a variety of work both residential and for a number of hotel chains. In addition, he was written two very successful books appropriately titled “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. These popular books chronicle the many ideas and experiences that Mishaan had since entering the interior design business over two decades ago.


Richard Mishaan emphasizes the importance of coordinating the proper accessories and lighting when deciding to redecorate. Even if you have the most luxurious furniture and the best flooring money can buy, if the lighting is all wrong and the accessories are outdated it without a doubt will distract attention from the entire setting.


Mishaan also gives important tips on how to shop and where to shop for new design ideas as well as furniture, accessories and window dressings. It is critically important to choose the right colors if you want your rooms to look exquisite. Certain color combinations can either make or break the entire redecorating project. You want to have a room that stands out in a crowd. You don’t want a dark dreary room that reminds people of a morgue on a rainy day.


For example , if you redecorate a living room you must choose all draperies, carpeting, paint, flooring and other accessories all at the same time. Of course, the interior decorator is there to make sensible suggestions and recommendations to the client.


Finally, keep in mind hiring an interior decorator is not cheap. Therefore, if you are going to spend the money you may as well have the best. Therefore, Richard Mishaan is considered the best in the business of interior decorating and design.


You can easily access Richard Mishaan’s web site at The web site is quite informative and it can help you decide how you wish to proceed with your interior design plans

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