Eric Lefkofsky the Brilliant Co-Founder of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky was born on 2nd September 1969 and is a famous American entrepreneur. Eric is the co-founder of Tempus. He is also the chair and co-founder of Groupon. Also the co-founder at Eco-Global logistics, Mediaocean, and inner workings. He also the founder of uptake. There is also the great venture firm by name Light bank from Chicago that Eric heads. He was brought up in Southfield, Michigan and was a son of a famous structural engineer and a mother who was a famous teacher. He graduated from Southfield Highschool in 1987 and later joined the Michigan University. He graduated with first class honors in 1991. He later went to Michigan Law school and graduated with a law degree in the year 1993 and read full article.

Eric Lefkofsky began humbly and has even sold carpets at the University. Later after graduation together with close ally sourced funds and bought a company called Brandon Apparel. He was a true and objective business person and in 1999, he created an internet company together with his friend Keywell. They specialized in promotional products. The company was called Starbelly.He later sold the company to another one called Halo and later became its chief operating officer. The company went bankrupt in 2004. He did not give up on his journey and founded another one called Innerworkings in the year 2001. They used to print procurement related documents. They achieved greatly in their journey. In the year 2005, he formed Echo global logistics they received financing from the leading technology investors in that country. Later the company went public and got listed on NASDAQ. It has been active since then and currently doing marvelously. He also co-founded media bank. The company does advertising and Eric on Facebook.

Eric Lefkofsky has done so much in life and has been able to amass a lot of wealth. As a result, he has become an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. One day his wife got diagnosed with cancer but Eric Lefkofsky realized that patients suffering from cancer had no data records. Doctors did not have enough data regarding their patient’s disease spread. That is when Eric Lefkofsky came up with the idea of forming Tempus together with his friend. The company has taken the challenge of creating software that helps keep patients data. It has always been his desire to help curb the spread of diseases and therefore the company keeps on designing ways in which they can stop it from spreading and what Eric knows.

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