Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Is Revolutionizing The Way Brazilians Think About Shopping

The Manaira Shopping, one of the most successful shopping centers in Brazil, created by entrepreneur Roberto Santiago, has taken the Paraiba state of Brazil by storm. It is now all the buzz in Paraiba and shopping in this mall has become somewhat of an event for tourists and local citizens alike. It is also the business project that has made Roberto Santiago one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in the whole country of Brazil.

The Manaira Shopping, located in the neighborhood “Manaira,” has become popular due to its intricate design. The exterior and especially interior design of the shopping mall was made with the customer in mind. The interior design and placing of the shops were made in a way that customers belonging to a particular age group can browse the stores efficiently according to the trend for their respective age group. The Manaira Shopping Center also has become famous for its events and activities that always change to ensure that regular shoppers of the Manaira will always have something new to experience.

The cinema is one of the biggest strengths of the Manaira; it features the most modern technologies available so that the Manaira’s movie goers can enjoy full high depth sound and video that is worth their money, as well as comfortable seats for their viewing pleasure.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira is made for all ages, and indeed it has become the place to go for people from all walks of life. When there is a holiday or just a regular day after class or work, it is always a good feeling to spend time in the Manaira because of the activities available inside, the restaurants, the shops, and the ambiance of the mall. It’s slogan ‘what are you going to do today’ is also both appealing and inviting to potential customers because it appeals to their mind to do whatever they plan to do in the Manaira instead, because, in the Manaira, everything you do will be better.

Currently, Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping mall is the largest shopping mall in all of Paraiba state, and is one of the biggest in the whole country of Brazil. Due to its design, events and other features, the Manaira has revolutionized the way Brazilians shop.


In a recent interview with the entrepreneur that created the enormous shopping center (which has an area that rivals the best shopping centers in an international perspective), Roberto Santiago stated that his real estate dream was to have a shopping center that he could develop and open to the public. That has become the reality behind the Manaira Shopping Center, where tourists, even those who arrive from other countries, all go to the building to experience one of the best attractions of that Brazilian state.

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