Betsy DeVos Will Continue to Fight Despite Losing Transgender Debate

Betsy DeVos’s new position as the U.S. Secretary of Education’s head has been a tempestuous one, to say the least. She gained the position despite opposition from various politicians, but it has not always been easy for her to fight for what she believes in. One such example is the recent incident where president Trump rescinded a law that President Obama had passed that gave transgendered students the right to use school bathrooms according to their gender of choice. DeVos’s stance on that was one of opposition, but she ended up having to stand down in the end.




Internal Political Conflict in the GOP

The President’s move to rescind the transgender bathroom rights caused massive internal conflict that pitted DeVos against Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, who had much more experience and influence in the field than she did. Mrs. DeVos tried to fight the action by refusing to sign off on it. She opposed the movement because she felt that it would affect transgendered students adversely.



Conservatives had a different view on it, and their belief was one that leaned toward preserving traditional values. They felt that the Obama Administration had overstepped its boundaries by succumbing to such aggressive cultural changes. The debate continues on whether transgender issues are civil rights issues or not. In the meantime, conflict continues to fester within the Republican party as some members embrace these ideas, and others stick to tradition.




The Final Call

When it was all over, the President took the sides of Jeff Sessions and the religious conservatives that he had made promises to regarding the protection of school children from sexual predators. Those parties were happy that he did the honorable thing and stuck by his word. DeVos fought with everything that she had, but in the end, she had to either conform or tern in her resignation. Learn more:




DeVos Is Still a Fighter

Mrs. DeVos conducted a humble meeting with Education Department reps during which she mentioned that the Obama Administration had possibly gone too far. Because of her politeness, no one could tell by her demeanor that such a rift existed in the Republican party. However, Mrs. Devos has been known in the past as an aggressive person when it comes to politics. In fact, some people have gone so far as to call her a bear because of her political fighting style. She will undoubtedly become more seasoned with time and gain the stripes that will allow her to win the next big debate about policies.




About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education and member of the 88th most wealthy family in the United States. She is a philanthropist, education advocate, business owner and mother of four.



Besty and her husband, Dick DeVos, are huge contributors to the Republican party, educational endeavors and a slew of other positive causes. They are advocates of voucher programs, charter schools, and programs that give underprivileged persons the opportunity to receive the same education that some other people receive. Mrs. DeVos grew up in a town called Holland in the state of Michigan and went to private schools such as the Holland Christian School. She is a spiritually and politically well-rounded person who will be a dominant force as more years of experience accumulate for her.

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