Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Is Revolutionizing The Way Brazilians Think About Shopping

The Manaira Shopping, one of the most successful shopping centers in Brazil, created by entrepreneur Roberto Santiago, has taken the Paraiba state of Brazil by storm. It is now all the buzz in Paraiba and shopping in this mall has become somewhat of an event for tourists and local citizens alike. It is also the business project that has made Roberto Santiago one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in the whole country of Brazil.

The Manaira Shopping, located in the neighborhood “Manaira,” has become popular due to its intricate design. The exterior and especially interior design of the shopping mall was made with the customer in mind. The interior design and placing of the shops were made in a way that customers belonging to a particular age group can browse the stores efficiently according to the trend for their respective age group. The Manaira Shopping Center also has become famous for its events and activities that always change to ensure that regular shoppers of the Manaira will always have something new to experience.

The cinema is one of the biggest strengths of the Manaira; it features the most modern technologies available so that the Manaira’s movie goers can enjoy full high depth sound and video that is worth their money, as well as comfortable seats for their viewing pleasure.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira is made for all ages, and indeed it has become the place to go for people from all walks of life. When there is a holiday or just a regular day after class or work, it is always a good feeling to spend time in the Manaira because of the activities available inside, the restaurants, the shops, and the ambiance of the mall. It’s slogan ‘what are you going to do today’ is also both appealing and inviting to potential customers because it appeals to their mind to do whatever they plan to do in the Manaira instead, because, in the Manaira, everything you do will be better.

Currently, Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping mall is the largest shopping mall in all of Paraiba state, and is one of the biggest in the whole country of Brazil. Due to its design, events and other features, the Manaira has revolutionized the way Brazilians shop.


In a recent interview with the entrepreneur that created the enormous shopping center (which has an area that rivals the best shopping centers in an international perspective), Roberto Santiago stated that his real estate dream was to have a shopping center that he could develop and open to the public. That has become the reality behind the Manaira Shopping Center, where tourists, even those who arrive from other countries, all go to the building to experience one of the best attractions of that Brazilian state.

Aloha Construction Company Review

Aloha Construction company is taking over the market for construction services. The company provides high quality construction services for those living in the Illinois or Sourthern Wisconsin area. The company has benefitted the lives of many people. Not only does the company provide quality work, but they also help people in a different way. Dave Farbaky; CEO of Aloha Construction; has created a foundation for helping others. The program performs charitable events and services dedicated to making the lives of others better. One example of an event the company held was a shopping spree. Due the the fact that a lot of parents struggle to provide toys for their kids, Aloha Construction company had a shopping spree in which kids went around picking free toys they liked. Not many construction companies would do something of this nature, but this company is dedicated to helping others. Among the services that this company provides are: Roofing, Siding, Gutter work, and Window/Door replacement. Roofing is a hard task to complete. There are many aspects that need to be thought over before a roof can be worked on. Workers at Aloha Construction do a very professional roofing job. They perform a long inspection in which they assess the perfect style for a given roof. Siding is another specialty of workers at Aloha Construction. The process of siding a house is very tedious. It gets tiring and hard to do alone. Workers at this company do a great siding job. They make sure that it has the quality to protect your house, but also the style to give it character. Gutter work is another specialty of theirs. Their Facebook, Gutters are essential for a home in that they expel water away from your roof. Water that is not properly guided away from a home can cause leeks and damage. Workers at this company will make sure that the job gets done right. Finally, workers at Aloha Construction will be there to help with your next window/door replacement. They can help you get the old one out and a new one in. Check out this company! and what Aloha Construction knows.

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The Various Passions Of Eli Gershkovitch Alongside His Successful Craft Beer Business

History indicates that the Canadian craft beer era commenced in 1982. The first entrepreneurs opened the doorways to conduct the craft beer business by convincing the government to allow brewing of variable types. The trio’s enterprise collapsed after a couple of years. Their initiative was followed up by the start-up of multiple microbreweries up until the 80’s when the next craft beer wave began. The slow and steady rise of breweries across provinces has led to the opening of craft beer businesses that launch on a weekly basis. The booming business is a magnet for prospective brewers looking to acquire a prestigious name in the Open competition that allows entries from home and professional brewers.

Eli Gershkovitch’s interest in the craft began a few years after leaving school before he started clocking in hours as an attorney. In 1987, Eli Gershkovitch embarked on a tour in Europe, where he sparked his passion to create something of value. He was highly impressed with the Belgian beer and slowly began making underway plans to launch his brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch processed licenses for craft beer entrepreneurs, hence earning him invaluable skillsets to set up a business. He settled on starting the facility in a century-old building with a steam heat system to provide brewing power. After 14 months of working with the legal system to ensure the safety of the nearby residential community, Eli Gershkovitch’s business began accumulating substantial benefits.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Brew Pub launched six craft beers in the first year. He serviced government and private liquor stores. He remarked that growing the business was motivated by the need to meet the growing demands of clients (Blogwebpedia). He bought the adjacent building and grew the seat area from the one hundreds to more than 700. Sponsoring Gastown events in the region redesigned the once dull environment into a hip hang out place where one could drink beer immediately after its brewed.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Fortune 500 craft beer business surprises typical suit and tie business owners who are in awe of his casual business demeanor. His cool attitude hides a remarkable business savviness and a fiery passion for life. Apart from his law and craft beer business, Eli Gershkovitch is a licensed pilot (