Madison Street Capital – article recap

Madison Street Capital has been declared the official winner of the 2017 M&A Advisor awards. The financial firm is packed with successful employees and hard working managers. The 16th annual M&A Advisor awards were hosted in New York City on November 13th at the Metropolitan Club. The gala was an extravagant event and featured guest appearances from all the top names in finance. Madison Street Capital won Debt Financing Deal of the year for their innovative transaction with WLR Automotive. Madison Street Capital was selected as the winner from a contestant pool of 650 other financial services firms. David Fergusson, president of the M&A Advisor, was pleased to announce them as the winner. The firm branded itself well and stood out in a crowd of very tough competitors.


Madison Street Capital was able to increase their transaction volume in previous years to 27% above the market average. The key to their success was their drive in the fourth quarter. During the final months before reporting the firm pushed to land additional deals with clients and out shined the mediocre performance of other firms in the market. Their hedge fund strategy was creative and innovative enough to offer clients a handsome return on their investment in an atmosphere that offered waning returns.


Madison Street Capital was also named as a finalist for both Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Financials Deal of the Year. They were shining stars in the financial sector and their clients loved the returns they were seeing. The awards gala is the premier event for top companies in M&A Dealmakers. There was a summit being held during the awards that featured speakers from the leading companies in the industry. The top 500 professionals in the nation were guests and spoke to the firms in attendance.


Madison Street Capital is an international banking firm and in its 20th year of operations has helped high value clients receive competitive returns on their investments. They offer a lucrative hedge fund and underwrite various consumer debts. Their corporate advisory board offers financial advice, merger oversight, acquisition guidance, and asset valuation. They help these clients outperform their competition in the global marketplace and would like to see everyone succeed at generating wealth. They study emerging markets and creative investment strategies to stay ahead of their competition. Their assets are focused on markets around the world and they will continue to reap the benefits of revenue.


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