Rubica-Personal Cyber Security For All Of Your Devices

All of a sudden my teenager walks in, “Mom, the laptop is acting strange”. This coming from a “free movie” that he has downloaded, the next thing I know I am looking at a frozen screen, not thinking much, I make the mistake of clicking on the install software button that has recently popped up mysteriously on my computer. That’s all it took. There I was HACKED! Thankfully, I didn’t have any important financial information saved on the device, but I could have had the fate of the millions of people that are hacked each year.

This fiasco rendered my computer useless, and virus protection does not automatically protect you from a hacker. That is why I looked into Rubica personal cyber security at


Rubica is a personal cyber security company that specializes in protecting all of your electronic devices in a simple to install app installation. They have a team of Cyber operatives whose mission is to keep your device and information safe. They will analyze any threats to your operating system 24 hours a day, and block any threats before they can do damage to your valuable devices. Your personal cyber security is important. Install Rubica Today.

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