Eric Lefkofsky Has Set His Sight on Curing Cancer

Approximately 14.5 million U.S. citizens were living with cancer in 2014. 40% of adults will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Clearly, something needs to be done about this deadly disease and more information click here.

It often takes a personal brush with a disease to spur an innovative person to join the fight against this disease. That is exactly how Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Groupon, joined the fight. His experience during his wife’s bout with cancer exposed him to the large hole in the medical field’s data collection and digital technology. Most medical establishment’s collect large amounts of data but have no way to streamline the information and make it useful.

Lefkofsky realized that something needed to be done to remedy this situation and thus Tempus was born. Tempest’s stated goal is to “Transform the way that cancer care is delivered”. In its history Tempus has developed software that aids in organization of medical information. Their innovative solutions allow for the transformation of the most pertinent, though possibly inconvenient, information into structured data that will change cancer treatments dramatically.

Temous invests much capital, time, and effort into genomic sequencing. They support it because human genome sequencing may hold the cure to many types of cancer. Human genes in and of themselves hold valuable clues to possible therapy and cures. Tempus’ unique product can organize this data so that it seven more useful than in the past. They will help medical professionals match patients with therapies and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky’s professional rise can be defined as meteoric. He has held top positions in large companies in addition to his CEO position at Tempus. His career as an entrepreneur is difficult to match. In addition to his work at Tempus he founded Groupon, and Lightbank which is a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies and its Website.

Eric Lefkofsky understands that there is more to life than professional accomplishments. His work with Tempus shows that he wants to make the world a better place. His extensive philanthropy with Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago shows his commitment to helping others.

How to Avoid Saying, “I’ve Been Hacked”

Microsoft advises not to use Windows XP because it is very vulnerable to attacks. They need the cooperation of businesses, governments, and customers to help put a stop to these attacks. Microsoft advises to switch to a more secure program such as Windows 10.

Switching to new software can prevent attacks, especially through email. Retiring Windows XP is a step in the right direction. There are far too many flaws to fix and it’s easier to switch.

Microsoft knows that every company has at least one employee that will not be cautious with their computer use, and it makes it difficult to protect against that. That is why it is very important to choose software that is better at not being susceptible to malware attacks.

Microsoft is aware that there are governments that collect information on the vulnerabilities of Windows and they are trying to put a stop to it.

Rubica is your solution to preventing cyber attacks. Once you download the Rubica app, they will handle the rest so you can focus on other important things and never say the words I was hacked.

Rubica has been providing security against cyber hacks for decades and they will monitor and protect your data to protect against identity threats.

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Bob Reina: The Answer To People’s Prayers

Bob Reina has proven time and time again that he is going to go to bat for the people and also for the animals. That is why he is such a special person and it is why they truly don’t make them like Bob Reina anymore, although a lot of people wish they did. If the world had more Bob Reina’s walking around and doing the kind of work he is doing, the world would be in a much better place that is for sure. He is selfless, strong, and committed to his work at the award-winning Talk Fusion. They won two awards in 2016, which is no small feat. Learn more:


One of the awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Talk Fusion provides video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this is aimed at the new-age worker. The new age-worker sees that the future is in technology and they are jumping on board with Talk Fusion to make sure they are reaching as many people as possible with their product. If they are wasting too much time or not getting through to enough people, they are leaving money on the table.


Everyone knows that a company needs to make money and they need to branch out. When they do that, great things happen for them. Bob Reina and his entire team at Talk Fusion have made that possible for people out there. Bob Reina is giving people the chance to try out Talk Fusion right now for 30 days, free of charge, on a trial period. By having this occur, people can try it out and see all of the perks that come with it, which there are many. He also made headlines and news for his very generous donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This really made a difference.


Bob Reina has said before he wants to change lives. That is not something people say unless they truly mean it. Bob Reina means it and plans on backing it up as much as he can and as often as he can with Talk Fusion and his own charity work. Learn more: