Hedge Funds Offering Better Investment Returns In Uncertain Markets

Warren Buffet pledged $1 million to charity if he achieves a better return on investment by investing in an S&P 500 index fund as opposed to investing in hedge fund managers. The outcome will be determined later this year, and so far, the odds are in favor of Warren Buffet. According to Mr. Buffet, many hedge fund managers have shortchanged investors. Instead of hedge funds, Buffet prefers low-cost, simple investments, which can be held for longer periods. This bottom-up approach has been successful for several decades, and thus, American should shun away from hedge funds and invest well for their retirements.

It is irrefutably true that hedge fund managers offer low long-term returns as a result of excessive trading and significantly high management fees. On the other hand, risks and opportunity cost associated with passive index investments are unknown. A long-term retirement plan should be based on good long-term returns, and thus passive investment platforms are advisable. Although passive index returns provide high returns, they don’t cushion against market instabilities and failures. As a matter of fact, index funds expose its clients to 100 percent of the losses and volatility during market failures and learn more about Timothy.

An investor who could have invested in S&P 500 index fund about 40 years ago, he could be having over half a million dollars. At the same time an investor who could have invested in active funds at the same time, he could now be having more wealth. Given these statistics, you can make a wise investment choice and resume him.

Tim Armour

Tim is the chief executive officer and chairman of Capital Group. He also serves as the chairman and principal officer of Capital Research and Management Company. Tim Armour joined Capital Group in 1983 and became its CEO after the death of his predecessor, James Rothenburg in 2015. Mr. Armour holds an undergraduate bachelor degree in economics from the Middlebury College.

According to Tim Armour, Donald Trump’s victory affected asset prices. Since the election, bonds and equities have struggled to stabilize. He also warned that the markets would remain uncertain as Trump’s administration would make uncertain policies. In 2015, Tim led Capital Group into signing a partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM) with the aim of developing co-branded retirement products for the Korean market. Tim explained the importance of the partnership stating that would help individuals and organizations achieve their long-term investment goals and more information click here.

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End Citizens United – Grass Roots Political Action Committee

U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is being endorsed for his 2018 re-election by a nation wide grass roots political action committee known as End Citizens United. End Citizens United contributes money to the campaigns of certain politicians who oppose the ability of corporations to make political contributions. Their main focus is to remove big money contributors from politics. Whitehouse has openly opposed the Citizens United decision. This decision, to allow corporate contributions, was approved by the Supreme Court. In 2017 Sheldon Whitehouse published “Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy.” This book outlined the need for transparency in political spending. In the upcoming 2018 elections, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse could be running up against Robert Nardolillo or Robert Flanders.


To date, End Citizens United has been able to raise more then four million dollars for the first three months of their fiscal year towards political campaigns. The first election cycle of the End Citizens United Pac was able to raise $25 million for the 2016 elections. End Citizens United is hoping to raise $35 million before the 2018 mid term elections. Many people have felt as if the voting system is rigged against them because of donations provided by large corporations. As of the end of the first fiscal quarter of the year, End Citizens United has acquired roughly 40,000 new contributors to the fund in comparison to the end of the first fiscal quarter of the 2016 elections. The total of the donations average out to about $12 per contributor. End Citizens United operates as a PAC and cannot accept donations greater then five thousand dollars from a single contributor. Their aggressive fundraising helps it make decisions when examining which races it will be actively involved in for the 2018 elections.


Recently, End Citizens United has urged their supporters to donate in hopes to raise $500,000 to first time political candidate; Democrat John Ossoff’s congressional campaign. Together, the Pac and Jon were able to raise more then four million dollars towards towards the campaign that would fill a suburban Atlanta Republican seat. The special election for this seat was held on April 18th. End Citizens United has recently stated that there are a few politicians they hope to play a key role in supporting through out the 2018 mid term elections.


Bob Reina: The Answer To People’s Prayers

Bob Reina has proven time and time again that he is going to go to bat for the people and also for the animals. That is why he is such a special person and it is why they truly don’t make them like Bob Reina anymore, although a lot of people wish they did. If the world had more Bob Reina’s walking around and doing the kind of work he is doing, the world would be in a much better place that is for sure. He is selfless, strong, and committed to his work at the award-winning Talk Fusion. They won two awards in 2016, which is no small feat. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


One of the awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Talk Fusion provides video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this is aimed at the new-age worker. The new age-worker sees that the future is in technology and they are jumping on board with Talk Fusion to make sure they are reaching as many people as possible with their product. If they are wasting too much time or not getting through to enough people, they are leaving money on the table.


Everyone knows that a company needs to make money and they need to branch out. When they do that, great things happen for them. Bob Reina and his entire team at Talk Fusion have made that possible for people out there. Bob Reina is giving people the chance to try out Talk Fusion right now for 30 days, free of charge, on a trial period. By having this occur, people can try it out and see all of the perks that come with it, which there are many. He also made headlines and news for his very generous donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This really made a difference.


Bob Reina has said before he wants to change lives. That is not something people say unless they truly mean it. Bob Reina means it and plans on backing it up as much as he can and as often as he can with Talk Fusion and his own charity work. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/tag:bob+reina