Stream Energy is the Solution to Global Warming

Global warming is the menace that the global family has been trying to cope with. Notably, the industrial activities that lead to the global warming have not been fully revolutionized to ensure that the energy sources that lead to the global warming are no longer in use. That has been one of the objectives of the Stream Energy to ensure that only clean energy that does not release harmful gases is used. There are various hazards that result from global warming, and the results are seen in the long-term ( The effects of global warming are evident due to the increased temperatures and also pronounced droughts in various parts of the world.

These have caused loss of life to people living in some parts of the world. It has also caused the government and other entrepreneurs to use more resources to combat hunger and provide food to the people who are dying of hunger. The drought also caused by the global warming is also part of the death of livestock and the wildlife. It causes loss of wildlife by the forest fires that erupt due to the dry plants (GCReport).

The world has tried to fight the global warming by the use of various states signing treaties that would ensure they work to reduce the effect of the global warming. One of the key things the environmental analysts propose is the use of alternate sources of energy that are available including the wind and the solar energy.

In Texas, the drought that resulted from the global warming in the years from 2010 to 2015 led to agricultural losses of more than eight billion USD. In the modern energy economy, Stream Energy has emerged to combat the rise in the release of the greenhouse gases. Stream Energy has been on the forefront to ensure that the energy they produce is clean. The company that sells energy directly in the US noted that its main objective is to have a cleaner and also a safer world. The company has thus released products that also lead to the conservation of water as part of combating drought and enhancing proper agriculture.


Jorge Moll-changing the way health sector in Brazil delivers services

The rate at which technology is getting into our economic sector is alarming. And truth be told, even with some people complaining, it is here to stay and sadly, we cannot change that. If you meet anyone complaining, show them what they are missing. Jorge Moll is doing all he can to transform the health sector of Brazil. He is the chairman and founder of Hospital Group, one of its kind all over Brazil (Wikipedia).


Recently, Moll had attended a debate held in Porto Alegre where he lectured about the significant trends currently rocking the health management. The event had over 300 participants including CEOs and presidents of major corporations.


In his speech, Jorge gave an exciting history of how he transformed from a doctor to a businessman ( He mentioned that his hospital empire started as an examination and transformed over the years. Moll said that poor health services are what prompted him to start his first venture.


And he blamed the fact that most hospitals in the 1970s were mostly under public management. He took this opportunity, and as years progressed, he managed to create three health institutions. But it was not without challenges. Moll has to borrow money to grow which slowed him down.


Moll mentioned that what is essential for any business to grow is to adapt to changing times. He is known for his role of encouraging health service providers to implement technological inventions to improve service quality as well as delivery.


Innovations such as Google Glass have been found to impact positively on the deliverability of health services. This technology enables physicians to access their patients’ data faster instead of perusing through medical records which might take time. It was found that patients received undivided attention and increased the customization of services to fit the patients’ needs.


Such implementations are championed by Dr. Chan, Vice President of Sutter Health, a second largest healthcare center in the US. In fact, he is in Brazil to help spread this message. His institution has been in forefront trying to use technologies in every aspect of their day-to-day operations.


With help from such self-driven individuals, we hope that Brazil health sector will transform and serve us better. All of such efforts call for collaborations.

An Overview of Jeremy Goldstein’s Knockout Employees Stock Solution

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who specializes in matters relating to employee matters. He is a good source of advice for corporations seeking to understand such issues. This is an area he is well experienced with more than years of involvement as an attorney in business issues. His skills to handle such matters have been portrayed where various big companies trusted him where they were carrying out significant transactions. Such companies include Bank one, Verizon and Duke Energy just to mention but a few. He is a board member of Fountain House, a nonprofit and prestigious law journal.

He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC law firm in NY, in 2014 where he has been working since then. It is in this company that he has been active in compensation practice. His emphasis is mainly based on compensation matters that result from connection with mergers and acquisitions and how they relate to the governance of the corporations. One such issue is where of late many companies have stopped to give their employees stock options. Some motivations behind this for some firms are saving money, but the reasons are more complicated.

Jeremy outlines three reasons that lead corporations to make such decision of giving their employees stock options. The dropping of the stock is one problem that may deny the employees to enjoy the benefits. The second reason is that economic failures have resulted in the benefits looking more of casino bonuses than cash. This makes it sound worthless to the employees. The other problem is that the costs associated with the benefits are more than the gains they give in return.

Jeremy offers a solution to counter this to enable employees to enjoy the benefits. He says the best solution is by embracing a barrier type referred to as Knockout. The solution works by reducing the initial accounting costs when the stock is relatively volatile. The mechanism makes the employees lose their stock when the share value drops to a certain amount.

When companies embrace the mechanism, it means that the investors who are not the employees of the company don’t face the overhang dangers from options they cannot exercise. This, in turn, eliminates worries from the existing stockholders in regards to reducing ownership rates. The solution makes it the employees feel responsible for preventing the stock value of the firm from dropping below the forfeiture threshold. They know well that the more the value of the share the more they earn and this will make them do all they can to prevent it from dropping.


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